Secrets of the TU Delft


Are you curious what happens at the Delft University of Technology? Come and explore the laboratories and research facilities at the university. Science Centre Delft offers you a special guided tour, the Backstage Tour University Edition. Together with a student from the Delft University of Technology, you will visit different kinds of locations on the campus. Watch how the researchers are addressing problems in the 142m long towing tank or experience complete silence in the anechoic chamber of Applied Physics. The visit at the Dream Hall will give you the opportunity to see all kinds of high-tech vehicles created by student teams, like the Nuon Solar Team (solar car) or project March (exoskeleton).

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During the tour 5 or 6 special locations will be visited. Because the Delft University of Technology is primarily to teach and do research, we cannot guarantee that every location will be accessible during the tour but we will alter the guided tour accordingly, so you are still able to see and discover all the latest things going on at the Delft University of Technology!

Anechoic chamber

Within this space, a room without walls is being simulated. This happens because every sound wave is being absorbed by the wall coverings and therefore creates a total silence.

Dream Hall

Within this facility, students are working on their dream vehicle. Known examples are the NUON Solar Team (NUNA) and the HPT (Human Power Team), the fastest bike in the world.

Towing tank

Within this 142-meter-long pool, research is being conducted towards the influence of waves on the stability of boats.


A big part of the Netherland is located below sea-level. In order to maintain dry, research is being conducted on how to create sustainable dikes.

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Are you interested? You can reserve our guided tour immediately and get a unique opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at the latest developments at the Delft University of Technology. Reservation is obligatory (the tour will start with at least 5 attending people). The guided university edition tour costs € 10, – p.p. and can be booked through this link.

Besides these tours, we also offer custom tours outside of the regular schedule for groups with a minimum of 10 persons or € 100,-. You can book this by contacting us through

The tours start at the Science Centre Delft at Mijnbouwstraat 120. If you have any further questions, please look at our FAQ section.

We hope to see you soon and show you around the Delft University of Technology!