Living in the future

We proudly present you the newest edition of the The Green village tour: ‘Living in the Future’! During this guided tour we will explore the most recent developments in sustainability, self-driving vehicles and other ideas that are directly developed and tested at The Green Village. With the goal to quickly be able to test and develop the latest radical ideas The Green Village is the living laboratory of the Delft University of Technology.

Reasearchlab self automated driving

The RADD offers knowledge institutions, small and mid-size business entrepreneurs and local governments the facilities to test products and concepts in real-life traffic conditions in a series of varying environments and conditions. Such as closed off environments for preliminary testing and a semi-closed environment at The Green Village and eventually testing on the public roads on and around the campus of the Delft University of Technology.

Delft Hyperloop

Through a vacuum tube with a cruising speed of around 1200 km/h from A to B, the Delft Hyperloop should be able to achieve this goal. At The Green Village there is not only the largest echo cave of Delft but also the test setup of the Delft Hyperloop. At this facility all critical systems are tested at low speed in a vacuum like the Delft Hyperloop propulsion system.


Pret-a-loger was the first building at the Green Village and is a home with a skin. A concept developed by students from the Delft University of Technology demonstrating how a standard 60’s household can be transformed into a climate neutral residence.

Circular garage box

The goal of the Circular garage box is to check and see if its possible to reuse buildings for another purpose. By doing this, researcher will get an insight in the feasibility and chances of reusing existing materials in buildings.

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